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DIAGBOX V 9.91 / V9.68 LEXIA 3

DIAGBOX V 9.91 / V9.68 LEXIA 3

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DiagBox is a diagnostic software application used for servicing and diagnosing Peugeot and Citroën vehicles. It is an essential tool for technicians and mechanics working on these car brands. Here's a general description of DiagBox:

**DiagBox Diagnostic Software:**

DiagBox is a specialized diagnostic software designed for Peugeot and Citroën vehicles. It offers a wide range of features and functionalities, including:

1. **Vehicle Diagnostics:** DiagBox connects to a Peugeot or Citroën vehicle's onboard computer systems to read and interpret diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and provide real-time data on various vehicle components.

2. **Programming and Coding:** Technicians can use DiagBox to program or code control modules within the vehicle. This includes updating software, configuring features, and adapting components to specific requirements.

3. **Guided Fault Finding:** The software provides step-by-step guidance for diagnosing and repairing faults, making it easier for technicians to identify and address issues accurately.

4. **Component Testing:** DiagBox offers tools for testing and evaluating various vehicle components, helping technicians pinpoint problems and ensure proper functioning.

5. **Security Access:** DiagBox ensures secure access to vehicle systems, ensuring that only authorized individuals can make changes to the vehicle's software.

6. **Vehicle Information:** Technicians can access detailed information about the Peugeot or Citroën vehicle, including its VIN, model, and software versions, which is essential for accurate diagnostics and servicing.

7. **Updates and Calibration:** The software can perform software updates and calibrations on various vehicle systems to keep them up-to-date and functioning correctly.

8. **Maintenance Procedures:** DiagBox provides access to maintenance schedules, service procedures, and repair documentation to assist technicians in performing routine maintenance and complex repairs.

9. **Parts Catalog:** It often includes a parts catalog that helps technicians identify and order the necessary replacement parts.


Top 7 Reasons to Choose Diagbox V9.91


1. V9.91 release on 04/2020, Support all compatible cars Untill 2020


2. V9.91 work for Citroen/Peogeot/DS Automobiles/Opel Multi-Brands


3. V9.91 pre-activated version, install directly, no need to wait seller to activate for you,save time and money. But must run V9.91 on VM (Virtual Machine),VM installation is easy and fast. We provide VM installation video and V9.91 installation video !


4. V9.91 Full function version Diagnose, Resets, Adaptations,Telecoding of Modules….Excellent Live test by experts of automotive repair over the world , they confirm the good feature of the release .


5. V9.91 Support win7 / win8 / win10 ( 32bit/64bit both ok )


6. V9.91 FULL in 24 languages BUT on the Virtual Machine loaded in English.If you would like to change the language from English to any of rest 23 Diagbox 9.91 supported languages, simply follow instructions in Diagbox change language PDF.


7. V9.91 can work with any version of china lexia3 / lexia XS



  • Must Make sure your PC can run on VM ( Virtual Machine) , go to BIOS and enable INTEL Virtualization,then start V9.91 on VW , we will send you video guide of V9.91 on VM , must follow video step and step !


  •  Only support 64 bites VM computer

Languages Supported: English, German, French, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, Dutch, Polish, Italian, Hungary, Greek, Czeck

Technical requirements:

Windows X64

VM Ware player 


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