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ECUsafe 2.0 DPF FAP EGR AGR Speed limiter Remove

ECUsafe 2.0 DPF FAP EGR AGR Speed limiter Remove

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ECUsafe 2.0 is a software application used in the automotive industry for modifying and adjusting engine control unit (ECU) files. Here's a description of Ecusafe 2.0:

Ecusafe 2.0 is a specialized ECU file modification tool designed for automotive professionals and enthusiasts who want to make changes to the ECU files of vehicles. Here are some key features and aspects of Ecusafe 2.0:

1. **ECU File Editing:** Ecusafe 2.0 allows users to open and edit ECU files. These files contain the programming and configuration parameters that control various aspects of engine performance, such as fuel injection, turbo boost, and ignition timing.

2. **Checksum Correction:** When making changes to ECU files, it automatically corrects checksums to ensure that the modified file is compatible with the vehicle's ECU.

3. **Support for Various ECU Types:** Ecusafe 2.0 is designed to work with a wide range of ECU types and manufacturers, making it versatile for different vehicle makes and models.

4. **Safety and Emissions Compliance:** The software may include features that help users ensure their modifications comply with safety and emissions regulations. This is crucial when making changes to a vehicle's ECU to maintain legal and environmental standards.

5. **User-Friendly Interface:** Ecusafe 2.0 typically offers a user-friendly interface with clear options for file modification and correction.

6. **Version Control:** Like other ECU editing tools, Ecusafe 2.0 often allows users to manage different versions of ECU files, making it easier to track changes and revert to previous configurations if necessary.

7. **Professional Tool:** Ecusafe 2.0 is considered a professional-grade tool and is typically used by automotive tuners, mechanics, and engineers with a strong understanding of engine performance and ECU tuning principles.


ECUsafe 2.0 Support Vehicle List:


Alfa Romeo:


Alfa Romeo Bosch EDC15


Alfa Romeo Bosch EDC16


Alfa Romeo Bosch EDC17


Alfa Romeo Bosch Marelli MJD




Audi Bosch MED9,ME7


Audi Bosch EDC 16


Audi Bosch EDC17


Audi Siemens PPD


Audi MED17




BMW Bosch EDC16


BMW Bosch EDC17




Chevrolet Bosch EDC16


Chevrolet Bosch EDC17




Citroen Bosch EDC15


Citroen Bosch EDC16


Citroen Bosch EDC17


Citroen Siemens SID


Citroen Delphi DCM3x










Fiat Bosch EDC15


Fiat Bosch EDC16


Fiat Bosch EDC17


Fiat Marelli MJD




Ford Bosch ME9


Ford Bosch EDC16


Ford Siemens SID




Honda Bosch EDC16




Hyundai Bosch EDC16


Hyundai Bosch EDC17




Iveco Bosch EDC15


Iveco Bosch EDC16


Iveco Bosch EDC17




Jaguar Bosch ME9


Jaguar Bosch EDC16


Jaguar Siemens SID




KIA Bosch EDC16


KIA Bosch EDC17




Lancia Bosch EDC15


Lancia Bosch EDC16


Lancia Bosch EDC17


Lancia Mareli MJD


 Land Rover:


Land Rover Bosch ME9


Land Rover Bosch EDC16


Land Rover Siemens SID




Mazda Bosch EDC16


Mazda Siemens SID




Mercedes Bosch EDC16


Mercedes Bosch EDC17


Mercedes Bosch Gasoline




Mini Bosch EDC16


Mini Bosch EDC17




Mitsubishi Bosch EDC16




Nissan Bosch EDC16




Opel Bosch EDC16


Opel Bosch EDC17




Peugeot Bosch EDC15


Peugeot Bosch EDC16


Peugeot Bosch EDC17


Peugeot Siemens SID


Peugeot Delphi DCM3x




Renault Bosch EDC16


Renault Siemens SID




Saab Bosch EDC16


Saab Bosch EDC17




Scania XPI,HPI




Seat Bosch MED9,ME7


Seat Bosch EDC16


Seat Bosch EDC16


Seat Siemens PPD


Seat MED17




Skoda Bosch MED9,ME7


Skoda Bosch EDC16


Skoda Bosch EDC17


Skoda Siemens PPD


Skoda MED17




Smart Bosch EDC16


Smart Bosch EDC17


Smart Bosch Gasoline




Suzuki Bosch EDC16




Volkswagen Bosch MED9,ME7


Volkswagen Bosch EDC16


Volkswagen Bosch EDC17


Volkswagen Siemens PPD


Volkswagen MED17




Volvo Bosch ME9


Volvo Bosch EDC16


Volvo Bosch EDC17


Volvo Siemens SID






ECUsafe 2.0 Feedback:


DPF removal Ford/Jaguar/Honda/Volvo/Mazda


EDC17, EDC16 / Siemens SID, Honda EDC16, Mazda EDC16


Actual support: EDC16 & Siemens SID. All engines with FAP from brands listed above.




DPF removal BMW/Mini


Diesel particulate filter (DPF) removal in BMW / Mini EDC17  EDC16 engines.


All types/sizes engines supported.


DPF removal Mercedes


Diesel particulate filter (DPF) removal in Mercedes EDC17 and EDC16 engines.


All types/sizes of engines supported.


DPF removal Kia / Hyundai / Suzuki


Diesel particulate filter (DPF) removal Kia / Hyundai EDC17 and EDC16 engines and Suzuki EDC16.


All types/sizes of engines supported (AND Kia 2010 engines).


DPF removal Fiat, Opel Marelli MJD


Diesel particulate filter (DPF) removal in Fiat, Opel Marelli MJD (1.3 engines)


Adblue control/reduction Scania / (DAF in prep)


Adblue removal/consumption control Scania (engines with Adblue) and DAF (engines with Adblue).


speed limit removal/control (Bosch, Siemens, Visteon, Delphi, Denso, Delco)


Can remove speed limit from MOST EDC16, MED9, EDC17 ECUs,


Mustang/Shelby/F250/F150, American imports, trucks like DAF XF105, Scania HPI


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